Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance are at the core of the principles applied at Constant Energy

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Zero Investment & Maintenance Costs

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About Us

Constant Energy is a rooftop solar power project developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP).

We have been running solar plants in SE Asia since 2012. We develop, design, finance, build, and own large solar rooftop power plants through the support of Feed-in-Tarrif and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements to provide the most advantageous commercial solar rooftop solutions to large businesses.

We operate in Asia with a primary focus on Southeast Asia. Our team is specialized and experienced with all expertise available in-house.

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with no upfront cost.

Your Solar Energy Experts, Trusted By World Leading Companies - Bridging The Gap Between Industrial Electricity Needs And Sustainability.

We are a Thailand-Based B2B supplier of reliable and energy-saving solar power solutions including industrial rooftop solar panels, solar farms, solar battery storage solutions, and energy asset management for Southeast Asia.

We produce clean renewable energy for our long-term clients, enabling them to reduce their carbon emissions and electricity bills, while increasing their profitability and freeing their time to focus on their core business activities.

Our Portfolio (Selected Projects)

Constant Energy's Solar Solutions Towards A Greener Future

If you were to invest in the costs of buying and installing solar rooftop panels for your factory, it would take you 6-10 years to break even and start making a return on your investment. That is without even considering the extra expense and hassle of construction companies to handle the installation.

With Constant Energy and its Fast Track Development Model, you can start maximizing your savings on electricity bills in as little as three months with zero investment, zero risks, and zero headaches. Some of our clients have enjoyed as much as 25% in savings after switching to solar.

Partnering with Constant Energy for your renewable energy needs gives you access to the best rooftop solar panels, battery storage, and energy asset management solutions in South-East Asia.


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Solar Farm & Battery Storage (ESS)

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Client testimonies on their experience with commercial rooftop solar panels installed and managed by Constant Energy. Join our customers and start your power-saving journey with solar PV systems

Client Testimonials

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Wondering how you can save more while remaining eco-friendly? You can save more than just money with Constant Energy. We offer solar power solutions that save you time, reduce your use of fossil fuels, and protect you from power outages. With renewable solar energy, you can power your operations for years to come. We install solar rooftop power plants for factories and large industrial operations with roof sizes of minimum 5000sqm.

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*These savings are only an example. Actual savings depend on the demand profile of the off taker and the credit profile amongst other factors

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Having a positive impact is integral to all of our core values. We know that getting as many large-scale factories to switch to renewable solar energy is a long-term game. It is important for us to do our part to give back and elevate our community in the short term.

Common Beliefs

FALSE: "Solar Energy Is More Expensive Than Gas, Coal, Or Nuclear Electricity"
The great news is that solar PV panels have drastically decreased in price over the last decade, making this renewable energy source more attractive than ever.

Thanks to award-winning initiatives from the powerhouse at Constant Energy in their fight against Global Warming, our clients benefit from reduced electricity rates compared to other solar energy suppliers.

Not only does Constant Energy take care of all permits, construction, installations, and expenses tied to solar, they manage all your energy production, storage, and assets to increase your bottom line. This hands-off fast-tracked approach allows you to redirect your focus and energy where it matters most, taking care of your business, people, and clients.
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FALSE: "Solar Energy Is More Unstable And Complicated To Get Than Traditional Electricity"
This can be true with certain suppliers, and especially true for companies that try to switch to solar by funding everything out-of-pocket.

By trusting Constant Energy to handle the entire installation process and management of your clean renewable energy, there are no expenses for you to budget, only savings guaranteed compared to your current electricity bill.

We cover the risks and expenses of installation in exchange for your long-term commitment to reducing your carbon footprint in partnership with us, in our common fight towards a more sustainable Earth.
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