Breaking Down the Cost of Your New Solar System

It is no secret that potential buyers often ask: why are solar panels so expensive? While commercial solar systems are a wise purchase in the long run, they are an investment to begin with. Several factors contribute to the cost of commercial solar panels. The most obvious is the hardware to convert the sun’s rays into solar power. The many components that make up a commercial solar power system are:

  • Solar cells
  • Inverters
  • Mounting hardware

Beyond the core mechanisms, there are wires, racking and conduits that also add to the cost. Regardless of everything that needs to be purchased, the commercial solar panel cost is commonly based on their size and wattage. The size and wattage of commercial solar panels determine how efficient they will be at converting sunlight into renewable energy. The more wattage a solar panel has, the higher its energy conversion and output efficiency. So, you may ask: how big are commercial solar panels? The answer would depend truly on your business’s needs.

Sunsetting on roof of building with solar panel system

The average size of a commercial-grade solar panel is usually about six and a half feet long, three feet wide, and weighs about 22 kilograms or 50 pounds. Commercial-grade solar panels could have anywhere from 72 to 98 photovoltaic solar cells, hence their large size. As it is designed to provide the electricity needs of a large business structure, it is bigger than the usual solar panels one would see on a residential building or home. Those are about a foot smaller and weigh about 5 kilograms or 10 pounds less.

Our commercial solar company, Constant Energy, has a strong country regulatory track record in commercial solar system installation. With our high-quality assets and long term global and local partnerships, we have extensive expert experience and a successful track record in the various countries where we invest in and direct asset management, providing many projects in Southeast Asia with affordable electricity and contributing to the global goal of net zero by 2050.

A customer’s next concern is usually the cost to install industrial solar panels. They often ask how much is the average price for a commercial solar installation. We not only satisfy their curiosity but also share information with them regarding the longevity of solar array systems, how much space would be needed for the amount of output they desire, and inform them happily about the overall efficiency of our commercial solar panel installations.  

Building structure showcasing rooftop solar panels

How long does solar panels last?

Commercial-grade solar panels are built to last for over 25 years. Even photovoltaic systems made as early as the 1980s are still in operation today and creating electrical output at their designed capacity. While it is a hefty investment to start, it only continues to provide benefits for the property it is installed on for many years. Additionally, since their invention in 1883 by Charles Fritts, the longevity of solar panels has only increased dramatically over the last two decades at the rate technology has advanced in our modern age.

How much land is needed for a commercial solar project?

The amount of space required for a commercial solar installation depends primarily on the amount of electrical output required by the property. Constant energy chiefly partners with businesses that own a rooftop space of a minimum of 5000 sqm. We prioritize working with commercial rooftop solar systems because it saves on valuable land space and doesn’t contribute to the degradation of natural resources. Utilizing the underused space that is the rooftop of a business’s building is forward-thinking recycling, making the most use of space that is already available and readily exposed to the sun’s rays.

Commercial solar system installation is a very specialized trade. Thankfully, Constant Energy has over 20 years of experience on the matter, as well as a Fast-Track Development Model. With our expertise and commercial solar system installers, the whole commercial solar installation process would only take up from 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of solar energy systems that need to be installed. One month of the process would be the execution of cathodic protection (commonly referred to as ‘CP’ in the renewable energy industry). This is to design the project and get the solar power purchase agreements (or PPA for short) issued. From there, it would take three or 4-6 months for the commercial operation date for capacity. If the commercial solar system is below 1 MWp, it will take three months. If it is above 1 MWp, it will take between four to six months. 

A big thanks to the individual who invented commercial solar cell technology – Mr. Charles Fritts. Without his innate curiosity and desire for innovation, we would not have such an ideal form of clean renewable energy that makes considerable waves in providing affordable electricity globally today. Commercial solar panels also produce no carbon emissions and require very little maintenance once installed. That is why commercial solar is the ideal source of green energy.

Start the reduction of your business’s carbon footprint and electricity costs today by reaching out to our enthusiastic experts at Constant Energy!

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