Four Reasons Why Solar Power Purchase Agreements Help Factories Convert To Sustainable Green Energy

Many large factories today are looking to become more sustainable. However, by the time most factories can afford to consider their environmental impact, the convenience and comfort of staying with their current energy provider or energy source can stop business owners from looking for alternative solutions. After all, where does a large business even start? And would the investment required to change to renewable energy directly profit their company?

Why would a business utilize a power purchase agreement?

The top three reasons our commercial solar clients have recommended solar PPAs as the perfect solution to increase their sustainability were a seamless transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the safety of the installation and professionalism of the solar panel maintenance, and immediate savings from day one of the rooftop solar generator launch with zero investments required. Constant Energy’s commercial solar PPAs provide clients with more than an energy provider; we become long-term supporters of your business’s clean development and growth.

How to find a power purchase agreement?

Finding the proper electricity contract can seem overwhelming. What are the pros and cons of each energy source? What is the minimum length of the contract? What are the conditions, investments, and maintenance required, if any? How does the energy provider handle possible energy outages? Is there room for growth if the factory expands its production capacity?

Most energy providers do not require power purchase agreements as fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear energy sources power the main energy grids, allowing those providers to provide yearly contracts that give an impression of choice to their users. However, this illusion of flexibility is often used as a distraction to hide that most energy providers form a hidden monopoly, with prices usually controlled by the government. This means that potential savings are often temporary and that clients end up trapped in a circle of higher prices, on top of contributing to carbon emissions and global warming. Another con from traditional energy providers forcing their clients to depend on third-party providers is that there is often no insurance or coverage in case of local energy outages.

Why choose a power purchase agreement?

One of the main benefits of solar PPAs is that such agreements allow large remote businesses and factories to become energetically independent at zero cost and with immediate savings on their previous electricity bills. It also increases business profits by helping companies benefit from unused rooftop space, electricity storage in case of power outages, and a trusted energy partner for installing and maintaining solar panels at no extra cost.

Finding the right solar energy partner can be as simple as looking online for commercial solar companies near you or in your country. Other crucial factors to consider are trust in the company’s longevity, the owner’s track records in the renewable energy industry, the renown of the company’s investors, etc. Safety should be another deciding factor. With Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance at the core of our principles, we prioritize the safety of both our and your workers, consistently placing human rights above business profits. Constant Energy is present in Southeast Asia, with offices in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Looking at the companies awarded sustainability awards can also help narrow down your choices when looking for extra insurance that the company you partner with long-term shares your values. A company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs can also help gauge whether a solar provider aligns with your business mission.

How to invest in a power purchase agreement?

Converting your commercial buildings to renewable energy is easy and seamless using solar corporate PPAs. A PPA agreement for solar energy only requires long-term partnership commitment. Constant Energy takes on all the costs of the safety audit, solar panel procurement, installation, and power plant maintenance. Most of our PPA agreements average around twenty to thirty years at a time, guaranteeing continued savings on electricity and high-quality energy coverage throughout the lifetime of the solar panels. Each PPA includes renewing the necessary rooftop solar panel equipment to power the electricity generators.

How to set up a power purchase agreement?

Setting up a corporate PPA is as simple as getting in touch with one of our trusted team members or requesting a quote on our website. You can also use our power purchase agreement price formula calculator below to view an estimate of the pricing of a corporate power purchase agreement for your commercial buildings.


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Wondering how you can save more while remaining eco-friendly? You can save more than just money with Constant Energy. We offer solar power solutions that save you time, reduce your use of fossil fuels, and protect you from power outages. With renewable solar energy, you can power your operations for years to come. We install solar rooftop power plants for factories and large industrial operations with roof sizes of minimum 5000sqm.

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What does my power purchase agreement include?

Constant Energy is known for developing projects on a fast-track basis. Their fast-track development model makes the whole process, from the safety audit and site inspection to the installation of the solar panels and launch of the power plant, as fast as 3-6 months. This whole process comes free of cost with the guaranteed management of the solar panels and supply of electricity at perpetually discounted rates for the entire lifetime of the solar panels.

The power purchase agreement contains details of the required site documents, the site inspection process, energy measurements, project design, roof structure verification, work permit applications, factory license process, detailed engineering, solar panel and power station procurement, meetings, construction timeline, operation, maintenance, asset management, electricity supply, and invoicing.

You can read our previous blog post on corporate power purchase agreements to learn more about PPAs for solar and other renewable energy sources, such as wind, from definitions to use cases to the benefits and processes involved and the difference between solar PPAs and Solar Leases.

Business owner signing a commercial solar PPA to power commercial building asserts with renewable energy.