Corporate PPA & Benefits

We are providing sustainability and substantial energy savings to our clients with a long-term outlook

Constant Energy’s clients purchase the solar-generated electricity through a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), at a perpetually discounted or fixed tariff, lower than the prevailing utility tariff. With Zero investment and No operations costs, our clients enjoy substantially lower energy costs and increase their sustainability image.

Ampas Auto Mirror
528.61 kWp

Schneider Electric
795 kWp

Why Us

Zero Investment & Maintenance Cost

Discounted Electricity Price

Savings On Electricity Bill From Day 1

No Resource Required

Establishment Of A Green Branding

Increased Enterprise And Asset Value

Perpetually Discounted Rate

(The chart showing approximately the difference between Constant Energy compared to normal grid tariff) (for Thailand)

More Saving with Constant Energy,
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