Empowering Baan Nam Phu School for Sustainable Development: Co-CSR Activities in Lamphun Community

29 May 2023 – Co-CSR activities were conducted in collaboration with Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd. (Lamphun) to provide support to Baan Nam Phu School.

The focus of this initiative was to establish a Smart Organic Mushroom Farming project and a Bakery Learning Center for the students. The primary goal of this project was to contribute to the further development of the Lamphun community, in line with the CSR-DIW continuous program promoted by the Department of Industrial Works under the Ministry of Industry.

The potential beneficiaries at Location 1, Wat Nam Phu School, include the students, teachers, and villagers of Tambon Pa Sak, totaling around 100 people. Similarly, at Location 2, Banklang Municipality School, the potential beneficiaries are the students, teachers, and villagers, amounting to approximately 200 individuals.

By supporting Baan Nam Phu School, Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd. (Lamphun) demonstrated their shared commitment with Constant Energy to sustainable practices, education, and community empowerment. These initiatives not only benefited the students, teachers, and villagers directly involved but also contributed to the overall growth and progress of the Lamphun community. The project aimed to cultivate self-sufficiency, vocational skills, and a sense of pride, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.