Constant Energy Team Learns About Sustainability and Environment Conservation Efforts at The Ourland: a Nature Conservation Effort for Sustainability

Constant Energy team learning about the importance of environmental conservation at OurLand: A Nature Conservation Effort in the southern tip of the Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary.

November 28, 2021 – Constant Energy team visited the OurLand: A Nature Conservation Effort for sustainability education and donation.

OurLand is located at the southern tip of the Western Forest Complex, one of the largest contiguous forests in SouthEast Asia. Salakphra wildlife sanctuary is the southernmost adjoining piece of protected land in the Western Forest Complex.

OurLand is situated in and seeks to protect one of the last remaining wildlife corridor at the Southern tip of Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary. We are currently conserving and regenerating 26 Rai, protecting the path to an access point on the River Kwae often frequented by wild elephants and other wildlife.

To visit and support “OurLand”, you can visit their webpage per this link: 

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