Constant Energy’s Donation to Dog Rescue Thailand: Improving Lives of Stray Dogs and Reducing Suffering

27 April 2023 – Constant Energy made a donation of dog food to Dog Rescue Thailand (DRT).

DRT is a non-profit organization with the primary objective of improving the lives of stray dogs in the Laem Mae Phim, Laemson, and Chakadone areas, while also reducing the number of suffering stray dogs.

To accomplish this mission, they focus on spaying and neutering as many dogs as possible, providing vaccinations and necessary medical care. Additionally, they regularly venture out to feed the stray dogs in the vicinity. Furthermore, they work diligently to find loving homes around the world for these dogs.

We strongly believe that every life holds significance. While saving one dog may not alter the entire world, it can undoubtedly transform the world for that particular dog.