Constant Energy’s first team outing trip at Koh Samet

Nature is a part of Constant Energy as our intention is to reduce Co2 emission. Not only reducing the amount of polluted air by displacing carbon emissions through investing and installing solar plants, we are also intending to protect the environment wherever we go including when we go as #ONEteam.

Constant Energy held the team outing trip at a beautiful island and a landmark of Thailand – Koh Samet, Rayong. We are holding corporate activities to maintain the team’s relationship and work-life balance. The trip was two days and one night at a peaceful and majestic beach including team building activities i.e. snorkeling, and #CSR. We have noticed that the beach was covered by some scattered small plastic all the way when we walked around. We decided to clean the beach as our small CSR in the morning. Three full bags of trash including broken glasses, beer cans, plastic bags, etc. were collected.

According to Greenpeace, only 9 percent of litter cans are being recycled, 23 percent is being burnt which pollutes the air, and the rest of 79 percent is a waste in our environment and goes into the food chain ecosystem.

This plastic pollution is a serious threat to marine life including sea turtles, fishes, seabirds, and corals. Plastic will be degraded into small particles which it is called “microplastics” floating into the sea. Marine animals tend to consume them unnoticedly, consequently, these microplastics gush into our food chain. And humans are a part of that food chain.

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