Donation of Adult Diapers and Rice For Camillian Social Center

15 December 2022 – Constant Energy donated adult diapers and rice to the Camillian Social Center in Prachinburi, Thailand. Khun Ittiphon Kongsat and Khun Supakorn Loongthaisong, our valued clients from Aisin Automotive Casting also joined us to participate in this CSR activity.

In May 1962, the Camillian Priests who were working at the hospital in Sriracha District, which is a small hospital. by renting the space from the Brotherhood of St. Gabriel Camillian Priest Visiting and searching for leprosy patients in Sriracha and nearby provinces, especially in Rayong, and because the patients in the area were poor and neglected, the idea was to unite the patients in one place. for quality treatment Therefore, he chose a place in Khok Pip Subdistrict to build a self-help settlement named “Saint Camillo Colony”, which, shortly after, the Patriarch Sanguan Suwansi, the head of the Sanghamonthon Chanthaburi at that time, was aware of such a plan and therefore proposed Land at Ban Khok Wat to the Camillian Priests to build a self-help settlement and later bought more land nearby.

The Camillian Priests then began construction. supported by from the engineering unit of the United States military who came to build roads 331-304 by bringing machines to help adjust the area. Camillian Priests have begun caring for leprosy patients in Khok Pip District. Prachin Buri Province since the year 2508 (1965) onwards, using the name “Saint Camillo Colony Khok Wat” is a relief center. Providing treatment and housing to poor and neglected patients of various stages of leprosy. As well as supporting and promoting occupations such as wood carving, weaving, animal husbandry. growing vegetables in the kitchen garden to help increase revenue which is provided on the land of the center

From the past to the present, the evolution of medicine has progressed according to the times. Research and research has made leprosy a treatable disease. According to the data, the number of cases of leprosy in Thailand has decreased so drastically that it is no longer considered a social problem. However, there are still many poor people who are helpless and without caregivers. especially the elderly who need help from society including members within St. Camillo’s settlement Most of them have recovered and are older, in the age of “elderly”, so in the year 2002 (2003), the St. Camillo Foundation of Thailand Therefore, the operation and name of the Khok Wat leprosy sanatorium have been changed to “Camillian Social Center Prachinburi” in order to continue helping the disabled and helping the poor.

Camillian Social Center Prachinburi is currently a charitable organization. Provide assistance without charging any compensation. for people with disabilities and poor elderly people by providing holistic care, i.e., physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Both the elderly living within the Camillian Welfare Center and the elderly living with their families (community), approximately 150 persons, with the intention and determination to give days and time to the poor and disabled elderly. Live a valuable life and be happy without any worries and sufferings at the end of his/her life.

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