Constant Energy Solar Donates Water And Supplies To Kon Kaen School For The Blind

20 September 2023 – Constant Energy has donated clean water and supplies to 89 blind students at Kon Kaen School for the Blind to promote CSR activities in the area of Kon Kaen province. On this day, Kaen School for the Blind encountered problems from flooding. Constant Energy is pleased to be a part of helping them to a better quality of life.

About School for the Blind, Khon Kaen:

This place is a special education private school that is licensed to provide teaching and learning to promote and support blind students in the northeastern region by providing facilities, media, equipment, services, and any other educational assistance, including transferring necessary technology to families, communities, and personnel of the agency, and various educational institutions that care for or provide blind students with the opportunity to study with sighted children in regular classes.

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