young students at Baan Tha Ta Fang School

Improving the Hygiene Facilities and Accommodation at Baan Tha Ta Fang School

Baan Tha Ta Fang School

An image of Baan Tha Ta Fang School’s landscape, where classes run from kindergarten to grade 6 and has 124 young students and 14 teachers.

October 11, 2021Constant Energy gives back to their community by helping renovate the damaged infrastructure at Baan Tha Ta Fang School project along with Mechai Foundation and donated 30,000 THB to repair and refurbish their small dormitory and toilets. 

Ban Tha Ta Fang School is located in the mountainous Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand at the Thailand – Myanmar border. There are 124 students of which 32 students are stateless.  All students are from the Karen hill tribe. The school classes run from kindergarten to grade 6 and has 14 teachers. The school is situated next to a village comprising 136 households with 714 people. 

Baan Tha Ta Fang School urgently needed repairs for their dormitory and toilets. 

The school is extremely remote. Most students are used to walking long distances of at least 14 to 25 kilometers each day between the school and their houses. Some students who live nearby the school are able to walk to the school each day. However, for those who used to live in the dormitory prior to the storm live in temporary cramped houses as guests. Therefore, the improved dormitory is much needed, as it is safer and more convenient for the students to board at the school during the week and go home for the weekend.

With the new dormitory, students can save on travelling time and concentrate more on their studies as well as have additional time at school to learn practical vegetable growing and occupational skills.

Moreover, there are only 2 toilets for 122 students and 14 teachers. The poor sanitary conditions of the school toilets raised concerns on hygiene and health of students and teachers.

The project aimed to improve the sleeping facilities and toilets for the Karen hill-tribe students who board at the school during the week due to the remoteness of their homes. A new dormitory will be built and will have four rooms; one room for two male teachers, one room for two female teachers, with one room for 15 male students and the last room for 19 female students. There will also be bathing and toilet facilities for 4 teachers and 34 students in the dormitory. This is in addition to the toilets to be built for other students and teachers who do not sleep at the school. 

All construction materials and equipment were bought directly from local suppliers to support the community. The community members including parents of students volunteered their labor in the construction effort.

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