Make CSR happen: light up the darkness in Nakhon Ratchasima

On January 27th, Nakhon Ratchasima Solar (NRS) plant, managed an asset by Constant Energy Solar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. since 2011, has held a CSR activity by installing 48 sets of Solar street LED lights at Ta Kien Sub-district Administration Organization (SAO) office and on the road of the Don Krasong village entrance for around 2 kilometers.

Constant Energy has been developed, built, and operated this plant for over 10 years and giving back to the communities around the plant since. This activity is the first one in 2021 for the NRS plant. By installing streetlights at the SAO office and on the road leading to the village near the plant will help to reduce accidents as before the installation it was dark and dangerous to travel around, and improve safety for villagers. Constant Energy has installed 40 sets on the road and 8 sets at the SAO office.

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