Planting 100 Mangroves Trees at BNEC to Help the Bangpu Community

On June 24, 2022, Constant Energy visited Bangpu Nature Education Centre (BNEC) in Samut Prakan to learn about the benefits and values of mangrove ecosystems. Afterwards, the team planted 100 trees mangrove at rehabilitation area of BNEC to help the Bangpu community be more environmentally conscious.

Inspired by the CSR 2022 project and in response to our recent social dialogue session with the community near AMPAS Industries, we have initiated a CSR project called “Plook Pa Na Bang Pu – Mangrove Forest Conservation”. The goal of this project is to promote sustainable development by providing environment conservation activities that will benefit both the community and the environment.

Constant Energy is taking part in this to reduce GHG emissions and help preserve the environment. By planting 100 mangroves, we will help stabilize the coast line, protect water quality, reduce coastal flooding, provide habitats for fish, and protect wildlife areas.

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