Constant Energy Makes Annual Visit to Clients in Lampoon

THAILAND, November 28, 2022: Franck Constant, CEO and Founder of Constant Energy, along with several Constant Energy representatives went to Lampoon, Chiang Mai to pay a visit to some of the clients they have in that area and reviewed their satisfaction with Constant Energy’s services. They visited Hana, Namiki, and Safran. Of those companies, they met namely with Mr. Yosuke Yaguchi (Chief Operating Officer of Namiki Precision) and Ms. Yupa.

During the visit, they were able to see that their client was well satisfied with the overall operation and outcome of their services. The rooftop commercial solar panels that Constant Energy had installed in April of this year were operating in peak condition. This satisfies Phase 1 of Safran’s transition to solar energy. Their solar rooftop panels are estimated to generate 1.4MW of sustainable energy and save tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Constant Energy is pleased to announce that Safran has also just signed a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for Phase 2 for  a commercial solar system installation of 800kw on the 28th of November. Our commercial solar company is deeply excited for the next stage of this operation and how it will contribute to the de-carbonization at this company, improving the average electric bill for Safran and the overall carbon emission reduction targets in Asia. This goes to show that alternative energy resources is  a fast-growing presence in Thailand. One day soon, we hope that clean renewable energy is the norm among commercial buildings in our country.

Franck Constant, President of Constant Energy, commented: 

“We are very happy that Safran, Namiki and Hana are satisfied with our services. That is always our goal when we collaborate with companies and install solar panels for commercial buildings. Renewable energy is a force to be reckoned with and we hope to bring it all over Southeast Asia.”

Constant Energy looks forward to the future and many more years of solar panel installation to come. 

[ About Constant Energy ]

Constant energy is a renewable energy generation and storage investment platform that invests in and manages high-quality power assets in selected countries. As a commercial solar panel developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP), we develop, design, finance, build, own, and operate utility-scale and commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic power stations to lead the way in alternative energy resources and renewable energy. Regionally headquartered in Bangkok, Constant Energy operates primarily in Southeast Asia. We produce long-term green and reliable electricity for our clients, using renewable energy sources and green energy fuels, enabling them to reduce their energy bills and increase profitability and enterprise value while focusing on their core business activities.

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[ About Safran ]

Safran has become an industry leader in technology and innovation, constantly anticipating the needs of its customers. Safran provides the solutions needed to make air transport more environmentally friendly while maintaining world-class safety standards. With a growing number of patents filed each year, Safran is clearly demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact on our planet.

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[About Hana ]

Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd. initially was established under the name of Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd. on 28 February 1978. It was registered as a public company limited on 26 July 1993 and the name changed to Hana Microelectronics Public Company Limited. Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd. as the parent company, located in Bangkok, Thailand together with its subsidiaries “Hana” has 7 manufacturing facilities in the group, in Thailand, China, USA, Cambodia and Korea. Hana has been engaged in the manufacture of electronic components more than 40 years. Hana manufactures components, sub-assemblies and small electronic finished products. 

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Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded with the goal of becoming the top manufacturer in the Southeast Asian region, meeting customer requirements and upholding industry standards while continuously improving every aspect of our operation. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices and quality products has made us a leading supplier in the market, meeting or exceeding expectations on every project.

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