Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Solar Rooftop Power Plant Grand Opening participated by Constant Energy and honored by Hi-Tech IEAT

November 24th, 2020 – Ayutthaya, Thailand. Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya), the subsidiary of the Hana Group, one of the leading independent “Electronic Manufacturing Service” (EMS) producers of South East Asia, has officially announced the grand opening ceremony for its first Solar Rooftop Project with a total installation capacity of 999.96 kWp in collaboration with Constant Energy.

Richard David Han (Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer), Terrence Philip Weir (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer), Sanjay Mitra (Vice President), and other Hana’s executives have engaged in this ceremony along with Hi-Tech industrial estate and IEAT (Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand); Ms. Artitaya Klandeema (Director), and the team as the key representatives for this ceremony. The speech was given from each side before cutting the ribbon at the rooftop where the project is installed.

Ms. Artitaya stated: “I am very pleased and honored to join the ceremony as Hi-Tech IEAT representative for the opening of solar rooftop project of Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) with the installation capacity of 999.96 kWp. I would like to share my admiration for Hana’s intention to prevent CO2 emissions and save cost by choosing a solar cell as an alternative power source. I am also impressed with Constant Energy’s project management as they complied with all IEAT’s regulations professionally. Lastly, I wish all the best and success for Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya)”.

Mr. Richard Han mentioned: “This is the third project we have collaborated with Constant Energy. The two other sites are in Lamphun, Northern Thailand. The projects have been providing us immediate commercial savings. Frankly speaking, the important thing for this type of project is for Hana to show that we are serious about our ESG initiatives to our shareholders, and would like to ensure that we will do whatever we can in order to reduce our carbon footprints and make our companies greener. We also would like to thank IEAT for the support given to us. We are very appreciative of government support. Finally thank you to Terry, our EVP and CFO, for working closely with our side, Sanjay, our VP, his working team, and Constant Energy. Today is a great day for us”

Mr. Franck Constant stated: “We are truly honored and pleased that Constant Energy has entered this partnership with Hana, the leading IC producer and exporter in Thailand for the next 20 years with this solar rooftop. We are very happy with the project’s result and will maintain this plant properly to make sure Hana will get the necessary services and savings. We would like to thank the people who have been involved with this project to make it happen. One of our objectives is to make our clients greener. Hopefully, we will find more opportunities to bring more solar to Hana Group and to offer more savings”.

About Constant Energy

Constant Energy is a renewable electricity generation and storage investment platform which invests in and manages high-quality power assets in selected countries. As a solar developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP), we develop, design, finance, build, own and operate utility-scale and large industrial rooftop-based solar PV power plants. Regionally headquartered in Bangkok, Constant Energy operates in Asia with a primary focus in Southeast Asia. We produce clean and reliable electricity to our clients for the long term, enabling them to reduce their energy bill, increase profitability and enterprise value while focusing on their core business activities.

More information at www.constantenergy.net.

About Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya)

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co., Ltd. established in 1997 specializes in the IC assembly and test of low to medium pin count IC’s. Offering state of the art assembly processes (including Copper Wire, Chip on Lead, Multi-Die, Stacked Die, Clear Molding etc.) and test solutions.

Besides standard packages, Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) also works with their customers closely to design and develop custom package solutions to address their specific needs. And providing custom package solutions for the MEMS, SENSORS, SIP (System in Package) and Hybrids/SMT, Multi-chip Modules, Isolation/Optocouplers, RFID/HOA, Optoelectronics, and Clear Optical packages. Total installed capacity within Hana for IC packaging is ~ 20 million units per day and 80% of this is tested at Hana.

More information at https://www.hanagroup.com/ayutthaya.php?lang=en


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