MOU Signing Between Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings and Constant Energy For SEA Expanded To Commercial Solar PPA Project For Thailand

After joining forces with Constant Energy to bring commercial rooftop solar panels to factories and other large-scale industrial businesses at zero cost, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings has further expressed its support of the solar power purchase agreement business model by investing in CE9, a company that delivers rooftop solar PPAs to factories in Thailand.

THAILAND, April 22, 2022: Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “TEPCO HD”) announced their investment in Solar Rooftop CE 9 Co., Ltd. (“CE9”). CE9 is a company established by Constant Energy (“CE”), which operates a rooftop solar power purchase agreement (“rooftop solar PPA”) in Thailand. The investment will be implemented through TEPCO Global Energy Pte. Ltd., an intermediary holding company established in Singapore in March 2022.

This move is followed by TEPCO HD signing a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with CE in January 2022. TEPCO HD is Japan’s largest electricity operator, and is responsible for the infrastructure that supplies energy to Japan’s Kanto region, which includes the Tokyo Metropolitan area. They handle all power utility business components from power generation to power retailing. The terms of the MOU define their agreement to jointly promote renewable energy-related businesses and services to companies with rooftop space of a minimum of 5000sqm for solar installations in SEA, using the commercial solar PPA business model as a steppingstone.

The first project to be executed through CE9 based on the MOU will be a commercial rooftop solar project for a Fortune 500 company who is global leader in electronics in Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate, Thailand. The Fortune 500 company signed a solar PPA with CE in January 2022 to benefit from a 3.8MW on-site solar energy production generating more than five GWh/year of green energy. This alliance will help this Fortune 500 company to provide clean solar energy to its operations in Thailand.

Utilizing the knowledge and technology Constant Energy has accumulated in the electric power business, this union with TEPCO HD will provide various renewable energy solution services, including rooftop commercial solar installations using solar PPAs and a fast-track development business model.

Solar power purchase agreements are the fastest and most cost-effective innovation to make large-scale commercial rooftop solar installations more accessible to factories. Taking investment and maintenance costs off our customers’ shoulders has enabled CE to make the most significant short-term contribution towards realizing a green, sustainable, and carbon-neutral society in our joint fight against Global Warming.

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Franck Constant, Founder and CEO of Constant Energy, commented:

“We are honored to have partnered up with TEPCO HD to accelerate the conversion of industrial businesses with significant requirements in electricity to clean and renewable energy sources. Considering the current challenges faced by the accessibility of fossil fuels, it is even more of a priority for large businesses to switch to renewable energy. With solar power being a reliable and affordable resource, allowing companies to use their rooftop space to self-power protects their businesses from power outages and electricity price increases, on top of reducing their carbon emissions and electricity bills.”

Seiichi Suzuki, Head, General Manager of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.’s Overseas Business Office, added:

“We are very pleased to announce our complementary partnership with CE, starting with WD’s rooftop solar project where we will apply our sustainable solution to an important production factory.  Constant Energy has established their strengths in the Corporate PPA market, such as price competitiveness, and speedy delivery of reliable PV facilities with top-level safety management.  TEPCO HD will contribute to this partnership with our technical expertise and financial capabilities as a global, large-scale power utility, to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy supply in SEA.  This partnership is a crucial step towards our company’s carbon neutrality goal: achieving a safe and comfortable carbon neutral society.”

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