Solar Farm & Battery Storage (ESS)

Solar Farm Projects

We build, operate and manage plants in diverse environments, to develop solar energy solutions and services that can power households, businesses and communities around the world. It’s where we focus our expertise and efficiency, to create value for our partners and the customers we supply.

Constant Energy is a renewable electricity generation and storage investment platform which develops and operates in and manages high-quality power assets in selected countries.

As a solar developer and Independent Power Producer (IPP), the company develops, designs, finances, builds, owns and operates utility-scale and large industrial solar PV power plants.

Headquartered in Bangkok, Constant Energy operates in Asia with a primary focus in Southeast Asia. Its team is specialised, experienced, and all expertise is available in-house.

Constant Energy manages its solar and energy storage assets in direct with a long-term outlook. The management team of Constant Energy developed and operated utility-scale solar PV assets in Thailand (Chiang Rai Solar 9.5 MW and Nakhon Ratchasima Solar 7.5 MW). These 2 assets totalling 17 MW have been operating for 7 years (COD in March 2013) and 8 years (COD in March 2012) respectively.

9.5 MWp

7.5 MWp

Battery Storage (ESS)

Constant Energy is offering Solar PV solutions combined with battery storage in order to ensure constant energy. As with Solar in the last decade, the prices for solar storage solutions have fallen steadily in recent years and we expect this trend to continue.

Energy Storage Benefits

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